Winter Wonders in the French Alps: Unveiling New Openings, Exciting Partnerships, and Innovative Concepts

Winter Wonders in the French Alps: Unveiling New Openings, Exciting Partnerships, and Innovative Concepts

January 29, 2024

In the French Alps, the upcoming 2024 season showcases a vibrant mix of upgraded venues and unique new establishments, with a particular emphasis on Courchevel. Talented chefs lead the way, presenting a harmonious blend of global and French cuisines. The milestone 10th-anniversary celebration of L´Apogée Courchevel (Oetker Collection) is a noteworthy event, highlighted by the grand opening of Gennaro´s. 

Join us as we explore the culinary delights awaiting you in the French Alps.

New Openings & Restaurants’ Renaissance

Cosy Box by Franck Aussilia & Annie Famose

Imagine a place where Italian gourmet dining, soulful music, and contemporary art converge to create an exclusive pop-up restaurant experience. This winter, the mountainous region welcomes the debut of Cosy Box, originally conceptualized by Franck Aussilia for prestigious events like the Festival de Cannes and Art Basel in Miami. Collaborating with international contemporary artist Julian Mayor, Cosy Box promises guests a true immersion into his globally acclaimed world of abstract geometric forms.

In the culinary realm, lead chef Alexandre Delage of the Annie Famose group crafts an innovative menu spotlighting contemporary Italian cuisine, distinguished by its stylish presentation and exceptional ingredients.

L’Aventure by Bagatelle & Maison Tournier

This season, the collaboration between the Bagatelle group and Maison Tournier transforms the renowned L’Aventure restaurant in Courchevel 1850 into a magical haven. Designed by the visionary Sam Baron, the restaurant boasts a fresh and stylish decor, providing guests with an innovative menu inspired by the essence of winter. As night falls, L’Aventure transitions into a cabaret setting, offering dance performances and shows that promise to entertain well into the night.

Ki Nu Gawa, Courchevel 1850, by Annie Famose & Blackcode

Ki Nu Gawa, known for its modern Japanese cuisine in Paris and Ramatuelle, expands its footprint to Courchevel 1850. The Alpine setting merges with Kinugawa’s luxurious elegance, offering guests an inviting space to savor the essence of Japanese culinary art. Iconic signature dishes of Kinugawa are a highlight in this cozy space.

« Les Enfants Terribles » by Maison Tournier

Les Enfants Terribles, just outside Courchevel 1850, undergoes a stunning transformation. The venue offers an enchanting throwback experience with vintage-inspired decor and a menu influenced by classic French culinary traditions. Lively 1980s settings, complete with nightly DJ sets, promise an invigorating night out reminiscent of whimsical youth.

Les Airelles Courchevel & La Table des Grands Crus

At Les Airelles, embark on a sophisticated yet welcoming journey through outstanding wines perfectly paired with gourmet creations by Chef Adrien Trouilloud. La Table des Grands Crus offers a unique and intimate culinary adventure amidst the Courchevel ski resort.

Anticipation builds for the upcoming winter season at Les Airelles Courchevel with exciting culinary innovations. World-renowned pastry chef Cédric Grolet collaborates, crafting delectable desserts available at the hotel. Guests can indulge in a delightful range of pastries, cakes, and the exquisite desserts gracing the famous buffet at La Table des Airelles.

Festive Restaurants | Do Not Miss

Joining the stellar lineup of festive experiences are Bagatelle, Le Piaf Courchevel & Megève, Loulou Val D´Isère (Paris Society), Cap Horn, La Folie Douce, Ferme Saint Amour, and more. Building on the success of last season, newcomers like Indie Mountain (Indie Group), Chalet Sauvage & Le Café (Annie Famose Group) promise to make a splash.

This winter, elevate your Alpine experience with these gastronomic wonders, where each venue promises a unique journey for the senses. Bon appétit!