About us

A unique platform referencing over 500 bars, restaurants and clubs in 60 different countries, A Place To Drink is the ultimate guide for both clients and brands.

Founded upon an extensive inside knowledge of the industry and experience with the on-trade,  A Place To Drink is fast becoming the go-to site for information and connections. But not only do we reference the best establishments around the world, our expert team also provides a range of high level services from product launches, private parties and pop-up restaurants, to brand consulting, activation and market positioning.

We aim to help both on-premises accounts and beverage companies to access information and opportunities that can aid expansion and encourage strong symbiotic relationships.

The unique network that we have been able to create allows us to coordinate product launches and activations across multiple markets simultaneously. We are proud to be able to bridge the gap between restaurants and bars, and spirit brands to enable expansion, and identify new opportunities, both locally and internationally.


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