Mykonos, Greece


Beach restaurant

Paraga, Mikonos 846 00, Greece
Opening times:
  • 11 am - 11 pm

Scorpios was created in 2015 on a sun-drenched southern tip of Mykonos and built around a contemporary interpretation of the ancient Greek agora. A gathering place meant to galvanize the artistic, spiri- tual, and social life of the community, Scorpios was born of the love of the open sky, long, shared meals, and the dazzling azure of the Aegean Sea.

Part ceremonial, part cerebral celebration, Scorpios brings the mys- tical charge of after-dark rituals into the daytime, slowed by a pace or two. At one of the very rare beach locations on Mykonos offering uninterrupted views across the open sea, Scorpios encompasses a sandy beach, a whitewashed stone house and restaurant, custom-built stages for sunset rituals, and ample open-air terraces spilling out onto the Cycladic coastline.