Saint-Tropez: the treasured jewel of the French Riviera

Saint-Tropez: the treasured jewel of the French Riviera

August 1, 2022

Saint-Tropez, one of the most famous resorts in the world, is known as the ‘playground of the rich and famous’. With its beaches, luxury yachts, fine restaurants and designer boutiques, St. Tropez has much to offer those who want to experience the South of France at its finest. It’s hard to imagine that just over 60 years ago, it was a sleepy fisherman’s village. In the 1920s, St. Tropez became popular with famous fashion designers like Coco Chanel, but it was not until the 1956 movie “And God Created Woman” starring Brigitte Bardot that St. Tropez became one of the hottest destinations in the world.

These are our top recommendations for restaurants you should head to next time you’re in St. Tropez:


Loulou à Ramatuelle

An ode to the Côte d’Azur of the 1950s, Loulou was designed in a decidedly chic and relaxed spirit, representing an elegant way of life with freshness and a touch of Parisian joie de vivre. Shuttle boat, relax & dolce vita- together they like to laze on the beach in the sun. Indulge in a swim in the sea, sit down to a late lunch, take a siesta in the shade of the sails and come back to life with music and party for a sunset aperitif. The time, the mood and the catch of the day highlight the sun-drenched flavors here. The lively dishes highlight the fish and the radiant fresh vegetables. At Loulou, therefore, you will naturally find dishes from the French and Italian Riviera, with a selection of quality products and originally from the South of France, Italy and Sicily. As for the architecture, there is room for naturalness and simplicity: whitewashed wood paneling, the style of fishermen’s houses, sails of boats for shade, comfortable deck chairs for lounging … A poetic place where nature reigns supreme and whose highlight is the view of the sea and the Pointe du Capon.


Life “Alla grande”, when extravagance rhymes with grandeur and perfection. Unique, unforgettable moments, full of life and desire. A brand that embodies pleasure, refinement and joy. A state of mind, a way of being, a lifestyle. Gigi brings a fantasy to life: warm, sunny places inspired by the Dolce Vita. Located on the second line in Pampelonne, a quiet enclave to live in all day around a restaurant where you can have lunch in the shade of large sails, far from the hustle and bustle of the neighbourhood, comfortably installed in a garden setting, planted with Mediterranean essences. In an ode to sensuality, romanticism and artistic genius, Gigi’s addresses celebrate the Latin art of living in a festive and refined spirit. At Gigi, Italian gastronomy is expressed in all its grandeur and generosity, driven by values of sharing and product quality. Depending on the season, Gigi honours a sunny cuisine and offers unmissable classics. Sharing and seasonal products are the pillars of the menu, which offers a window on the hilly lands of Tuscany to the dry seas of Puglia.


After their success in the United States, Brazil and St. Barth, the owners of Bagatelle have transferred the concept to the famous beach of Pampelonne. In an atmosphere inspired by the spirit of the Côte d’Azur and the Tropezian icons of the 1960s, Bagatelle offers classic Mediterranean cuisine, chic decor and lively music. By the sea, in the shade of tamarisk trees, Bagatelle offers special moments highlighted by the upbeat music program of resident DJs- a form of carefree and colorful lightness, the feeling that time stands still for the moment of a sunny day. Known and loved by partygoers around the world, water is replaced with champagne and there are a variety of cocktails to sip on while you dance the night away, overlooking the ocean of course. Bagatelle invites you to a true sensory experience where the good meets the beautiful.

Nikki Beach

One of the most talked about hotspots in Pampelonne. Since its debut in 2002, Nikki Beach St. Tropez has become the epicentre for international jetsetters and celebrities from all over the world. The iconic boho-glam aesthetic of Nikki Beach St. Tropez is ubiquitous and influenced by many lesser-known beach clubs around the world, but no one truly beats the pioneers behind it all. Think golden brown sand, palm trees touching the sky, cabanas, and sun lounges! If you pair this all with French cuisine and refreshing cocktails, you have an explosion of experiences. Nikki Beach is the perfect place to enjoy your lunch, but also to party. It attracts the sun-kissed and beautiful to legendary day parties and unlimited Moët brunches on Sunday lunchtime. High-spirited celebrations ending in saxophonists and singers serenading guests from pools is as common here as the island’s majestic fiery sunsets. Nikki Beach is certainly a theatrical, extravagant affair when in full swing.

Club 55 

If there is one legendary institution in Pampelonne, it is indeed Club 55, which has resisted all the changes experienced on the private beaches of Saint-Tropez in recent years, including the classification of Pampelonne as a remarkable natural area. “Here the customer is not the king… because he is a friend” is the philosophy adopted at Club 55 and this rule of conviviality has been perpetuated since its opening in 1955. Club 55 is the place where the Saint-Tropez of yesteryear is celebrated in an authentic Provençal setting without artifice, right up to the table, with organic wines, or on the plate, with simple Provençal dishes such as artichoke vinaigrette. The restaurant is definitely an outstanding venue where simplicity and authenticity are the key words.



After conquering Paris, Casablanca and Saint-Barth, Kinugawa anchors itself on Plage de Pampelonne, in Saint Tropez. Designed as a merger between the warm Mediterranean atmosphere and the enigmatic and secret Tokyoites addresses, and faithful to the emblematic codes of Kinugawa, this new open-air setting invites you to an exceptional journey: warm wooden moucharabiehs,veined and organic marble, dimmed lanterns, all bathed in shades of terracotta, warm gold and dusky orange pink. The vegetation is luxuriant, the setting is stunning and the energy there is soothing. On the menu, Kinugawa’s signature creations, and new Mediterranean-inspired summer proposals, orchestrated by Chef Kawai and enhanced by an exceptional wine list of over 100 references. Kinugawa Ramatuelle is the promise of a timeless experience in an extraordinary garden, in the lands of the Saint-Tropez peninsula.


L’Opera is a unique experience in the heart of  Saint-Tropez. Built as an arena, the restaurant mixes with refinement an exceptional gastronomy. Every dinner will delight in soaking up the glamorous and sumptuous atmosphere, be enthralled by the creative and modern shows and enjoy the seclusion of the private club. With a perfect view of the port of Saint-Tropez, perfectly framing the warm hues of the buildings of the old town and with the church in the distance, L’Opera’s charming terrace overhangs the quays where yachts from all over the world moor. Inside you will discover enormous, comfortable, leather sofas, oversized vases and lights, and a shaped bar covered with mirrors; the ultra-chic, white and gold décor throughout emphasizes the designs and refinement in keeping with the area without any ostentation. The Opera features outstanding dancers and artists who perform one after the other on the central podium tables, as on improvised stages, transporting you to another world for an exception evening’s entertainment.

La Petite Plage

La Petite Plage de Saint-Tropez offers travellers and Tropezians a gastronomic experience with their feet in the sand, in the mythical setting of the Quai Jean Jaurès, where the most prestigious yachts are displayed. With beach sand on your feet all the time and warm and natural notes of wood and wicker, the spirit is chic and cozy, ideal for a friendly moment. In the kitchen, the menu, signed by the Michelin-starred chef, offers innovatively fresh summer dishes with a splash of the Mediterranean with local and seasonal products. To top it all, you will also come across the beautiful cocktail bar that has been well-shaded. The cocktail bar offers access to a huge variety of interesting drinks and cocktail options to quench your thirst. As the night falls in the venue, the musical atmosphere of La Petite Plage St. Tropez will leave you thrilled.


In Morocco guests are considered holy and serving them is a blessing. Restaurant Salama Saint Tropez is the perfect spot to experience true Moroccan hospitality and cuisine. Let the enchanting gardens and atriums encompassed by greenery, transport you to the lands of Marrakech. With flavours guaranteed to awaken your senses, Salama is a Moroccan-inspired restaurant which has earned its spot at the top of many guests lists. Serving a stunning selection of couscous, tagines & Moroccan pastries in a sophisticated setting, this restaurant invites guests to embark on an international journey to lands far away and enjoy a perfect mix of tradition and modernity. The decoration of the restaurant combines tradition and modernity to give the place a timeless note. In this exceptional setting, you can enjoy a unique atmosphere that invites you to escape Want to add an oriental touch to your holiday on the French Riviera? A visit to the Salama restaurant in Saint-Tropez is a must!


Le TIGrr

When Asia meets the Provencal countryside, the result is an exquisite mix of flavours in the form of LE TIGrr. Located in the Hotel Ermitage, Le TIGrr is an ode the nobility of the nocturnal wildlife. Enter into the den of TIGrr and feel the dangerous thrill accompanied by warm golden bursts of lights from the overhanging lamps. It overlooks the Tropezian savannah, dense vegetation, bamboo, oaks, and hundreds-year-old pines open onto a panoramic view of the Gulf of Saint Tropez that will make even the most jaded ones roar. Asian to the core, the restaurant serves inspired, high-quality dishes from signature sushi rolls to special meats and fish, transporting taste buds to lands far away. A friendly, chic and festive address, the TIGrr promises spicy evenings, gourmet escapes and wild nights. 


Les Caves du Roy

Legendary club of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, internationally renowned, Les Caves du Roy, located within the Byblos Hotel, is the place to be every season in Saint-Tropez. Here, the jet-set and the international elite meet to have fun, laugh and dance to the rhythm of the mixes concocted by the famous resident DJ Jack E. At Les Caves, conviviality and sharing are kings, and the hundreds of bottles of Champagne consumed during the season pass from table to table. Dom Pérignon or Cristal Roederer satisfy all tastes while the sounds and lights play with the mythical palm trees to create an oriental decor unique in the world. You don’t look for a trendy place when you come to the Caves du Roy. It’s an immortal temple where generations of clubbers come and go in search of the Graal: a timeless, light and joyful moment. Beware, as a mythical place, access is limited.


VIP ROOM has been luring the rich, the famous and the beautiful for years. Recently completely remodelled, it’s currently better than ever before. Located in the centre of town,  VIP ROOM starts the night as Le Gioia restaurant, serving a modern fusion of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine accompanied by a soundtrack of soothing mood music. As the night goes on, the dining scene gives way to club life. In this cozy boudoir with walls covered with mirrors, no spotlights, but a ceiling planted with hundreds of light bulbs that pulse to the rhythm of the music. Black skai benches frame the DJ booth, around which the dancers will gravitate until dawn. Things don’t really kick off until way after midnight, although they continue well into the early hours of the morning. Expect glitz, glamour, champagne, celebrities and one wild party at VIP ROOM.