Nōema Mykonos Opening

Nōema Mykonos Opening

March 17, 2021

Deep Roots, Fresh Perspective – Nōema Mykonos Opening 2021

Located deep in the back-alleys of Chora, the radiant harbour town of Mykonos, lies the highly anticipated Nōema – a contemporary Greek restaurant and bar celebrating the free spirit of the Cyclades.

Nōema seeks to embody the simplicity of the Cycladic way of life – past and present. Liberated in imagination and nourished by the humble bounty of raw, sun-baked landscapes surrounding the restaurant, its philosophy draws upon every aspect of Cycladic culture – warm and simple pleasures, deep-rooted traditions and where life moves with the rhythm of nature.

The Avli, or courtyard, is the soul of Nōema, which bestows an intimate, exclusive feel. There is a seamless transition between loosely defined areas for eating and drinking in abundance and for dancing with friends and strangers.

Much anticipation surrounded the Cycladic menu which Athinagoras Kostakos, culinary director of Nōema (previously head chef at the award-winning ‘Bill and Coo’ in Mykonos, a fine-dining restaurant for ten years), has created as a modern interpretation of an uncomplicated approach to cooking and dictated by seasonality and sustainability.

An eclectic assemblage of musicians, performers, and DJs have already performed within Nōema’s hidden courtyard, all embracing the freedom to experiment.

For more information visit: https://www.noemamykonos.com/