Ibiza: A Guide To The Isla Blanca

Ibiza: A Guide To The Isla Blanca

May 24, 2022

There is something fascinating and unique about the beautiful White Island. Hidden valleys and pine-clad hills meet tranquil aquamarine bays and enticing sandy beaches. For raw beauty it is hard to beat, but when you add the wonderful cuisine, chic beach bars and world-famous nightlife, it’s a place like no other. For a tiny island, there are an overwhelming number of beaches, over 50 in number, and literally hundreds of divine restaurants.

Choice in the little land of plenty can therefore be challenging. To help you have an unforgettable holiday and enjoy every minute of your time on the island we have prepared the ultimate island guide which features the best spots.


El chiringuito 

Amidst the stunning salt flats and crystal clear waters of Es Cavallet, El Chiringuito is an oasis in the middle of the dunes, in complete harmony with its natural surroundings. The elegant yet relaxed seaside restaurant offers incredible views of the blue Balearic Sea and Ibiza Town on the horizon. Its cuisine, based on fresh French, Italian and Spanish influences, and its atmosphere, so gentle that it blends with the landscape, make it one of the most popular places on the south coast.

Casa Jondal 

Casa Jondal is located in the breathtaking bay of Cala Jondal on the south coast of Ibiza, surrounded by magnificent pine forests and rocky red cliffs. Not only the spectacular location, but also the decoration and gastronomic offer make Jondal a perfect place to indulge, and it has become an essential destination for lovers of good cuisine on the ‘White Island’.

Cala Jondal has something for everyone – while the ultra-trendy beach restaurants offer five-star food and music all day long for those lucky enough to lie on one of the oversized white sun loungers, the cafés and chiringuitos offer a more casual affair for those who prefer a more rustic beach experience. And Jondal is not only a place to eat, but also a place where you can enjoy the beach, nature, a relaxed atmosphere and, of course, the best cuisine in the Mediterranean to the full. Simply a must.

Nikki Beach 

Overlooking the Balearic Sea, in a pine-shaded cove in Santa Eulalia on Ibiza’s east coast, Nikki Beach is the epitome of luxury and style and a major player on the beach restaurant scene. Nikki Beach Ibiza is an internationally renowned brand, admired for its unique blend of sophisticated feel-good fun, but also boasting world-class cuisine. The Ibiza beach restaurant prides itself on offering a great time, and so an excellent culinary experience is part of the carefully crafted package. The imaginative menu is based on global influences, with sushi rolls and lobster tacos offered alongside authentic classics. Live music and entertainment, generous platters of sushi and seafood and colourful cocktails create a festive atmosphere. Enjoy the day in a bohemian tipi sipping champagne and in the evening, relaxing sounds from Nikki Beach’s DJ await you. Enjoy the “Nikki Beach lifestyle”.


Discreetly tucked away in one of Ibiza’s most exclusive coves, surrounded by cliffs, Amante Ibiza is the island’s most iconic restaurant. Since opening, Amante Ibiza has put Ibiza on the culinary map of Europe with its vibrant and lively cuisine. The award-winning cuisine offers the true flavours of rural Ibiza, with a fresh menu of dishes grown organically in the on-site garden. The attentive service makes the Amante a perfect all-day destination: enjoy a long, leisurely lunch in the restaurant, hire a beach lounger or sample an exquisite cocktail at the beach bar. In the evening, Amante transforms into a magical place to dine, surrounded by the moonlit sea and spectacularly illuminated cliffs.

Blue Marlin Ibiza 

Located on the pebbly shores of the Cala Jondal hotspot on the south coast, Blue Marlin Ibiza is the ultimate concept in beach entertainment – glitzy, glamorous and everything you have ever heard about the Ibiza scene and more. Is an eclectic, all-inclusive experience right on the seafront with restaurants, beach and music – all in one place. The Blue Marlin Ibiza philosophy has added an extra dimension to the way we enjoy the beach. It is a lifestyle experience with a global audience at the centre of an ever-evolving phenomenon. Whether you are sunbathing on the comfortable sun loungers on the beach, sipping a cocktail at the bar, enjoying lunch and dinner in the restaurant, dancing on the terrace to the beats of international DJ sets or simply relaxing, Blue Marlin Ibiza makes guests feel right at home. With its own radio station and magazine, Blue Marlin Ibiza is more than an avant-garde beach concept that appeals to and entertains a music-conscious, cosmopolitan and forward-thinking clientele.



An oasis of style á la Ibiza- Jul’s is a modern Greek restaurant with a garden lounge in the south of Ibiza on the way to Sa Caleta beach. It describes itself as Mediterranean cuisine with a Greek twist, serving fresh and innovative dishes. Every visit to Jul’s is a unique experience, rich in emotion. This authentic place with its thousand and one flavours sends you on a journey from Spain to Greece and back again. Christos Fotos, the chef of Jul’s, offers original gourmet recipes, from meat grilled on an open charcoal fire to his signature lobster risotto with pumpkin and truffle. Organic and local, it’s all about the love of food and quality produce.

Casa Maca 

With its privileged hilltop location at the top of Ibiza Town and unrivalled views of the iconic Dalt Vila skyline, Casa Maca restaurant is one of the hottest foodie haunts on the island. Located in the boutique hotel of the same name, its vaulted, rustic grill is synonymous with al fresco dining in Ibiza, while the airstream bar and relaxed chill-out areas provide the perfect backdrop for cocktails – not to mention Instagram! This unique venue and its authentic atmosphere embody the friendly and relaxed energy that the island is so well known for. The concept in summer is a Malmese-style barbecue and creative cocktails with Casa Maca products, with starlit dinners and views of the beautiful Dalt Vila. In the cooler winter months, the spacious and stylish interior of the Ibiza Restaurant becomes the heart of the hotel. An open fire and seasonal menus make it easy to settle in for an afternoon or evening of culinary delights. Whether among friends, as a couple, for a romantic getaway or to experience the most exciting Ibiza, let Casa Maca capture you.


Cipriani restaurant offers a unique social experience. With its stylish mosaic marble floors, polished walnut woods and a sunset terrace with an open-air grill serving the finest exotic dishes. The sublime menu features the famous beef carpaccio, created by the Cipriani family in the 1950s, served with tomato salad and a special buratta flown in daily from Italy. The Cipriani’s exceptional design can be enjoyed on any occasion. To round off your evening, this sophisticated eatery even has a superb lounge bar for the ultimate Bellini.


Located at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, Sublimotion is not just a gastro show. It’s a unique experience that engages all five of our senses with one goal in mind: to thrill and excite.  It’s dining at its most surreal, futuristic, and thought-provoking. Here, entertainment and gastronomy merge in a world where “avant-garde” gastronomy and innovation come together to create a comprehensive and unprecedented emotional experience. Architects and designers have teamed up with engineers, illusionists and scriptwriters to create immersive audio-visual experiences to accompany Sublimotion’s sci-fi cuisine. The result is a spectacular 3-hour banquet that takes guests on a journey through different times, places and levels of emotion, from the bottom of the ocean to a sexy 20th century cabaret to a futuristic dinner with friends in 2050.



The famous red cherries, the most unmistakable of all Ibiza club logos, are a symbol that Pacha Ibiza is the jewel in the island’s crown. And it’s true. Locals love it, tourists flock in and newcomers rush to experience the quintessential Ibiza club for the first time. In the past, Pacha Ibiza was synonymous with a freedom you could not find anywhere else, and that essence remains. Pacha is one of the dance floors where you can really let loose, in a spectacular setting. With a top-notch DJ line-up every night of the week, Pacha is still a force to be reckoned with. Funky room, hip-hop, electro, 80s and 90s music. Pacha has it all. Even a terrace to escape the madness.


The glamorous restaurant and cabaret club Lío is a fixture in the island’s thriving nightlife scene VIP. Located in Ibiza’s exclusive marina, the venue is famous for its excellent gastronomy, impressive live shows and high-octane club nights. With stunning views of Ibiza harbour and Dalt Vila, a beautifully decorated interior and a cosmopolitan jet-set atmosphere, Lío has quickly become the place to go for those seeking an impeccable culinary experience, scintillating entertainment and the chance to party late into the night. There are world-class artists, singers and dancers to keep you entertained during your dinner until 1am, when the venue morphs into a luxurious lounge club. Come for the cabaret, stay for the party.

Opened in 2017, Hï Ibiza is located on the main street of Playa d’en Bossa, directly opposite sister venue Ushuaïa Ibiza. An all-singing, all-dancing extravaganza of a venue, it’s located on the old premises of Space Ibiza, but rather than taking inspiration from the past, this Ibiza club has taken a bold look to the future in its redesign. The result is a sleek, sophisticated Ibiza club with multiple rooms, dedicated VIP areas and a huge outdoor space for those much-needed dance breaks. There are two main spaces at HÏ Ibiza: the Theatre, designed for large-scale production spectacles, and the Club Room, for a more low-key, sound-oriented clubbing experience. In both cases, the setup is changed for each party, so no two nights are the same. Still, there’s enough going on at this Ibiza club to keep any kind of raver entertained. Top tip: Look out for the joint opening and closing parties held in collaboration with Ushuaïa Ibiza. These are often 24-hour music marathons that evoke the undeniably hedonistic spirit of Ibiza’s past.


Experimental beach 

Located on a stretch of coast called Cap d’es Falco, amidst the crystal-clear salt flats of Las Salina, overlooking the Balearic Sea and a glimpse of Es Vedrá on the horizon, Experimental Beach offers a natural corner of Ibiza untouched by development. During the day, you can reserve a luxurious sun lounger overlooking the sparkling Mediterranean at the Ibiza beach restaurant, sipping cocktails in tropical-inspired conch shells. In the evening, queue up for nature’s most spectacular evening show before enjoying a delicious locally inspired menu on the al fresco terrace. It’s a place to plan to visit, almost like a temporary exhibition. It’s the place for those seeking a piece of the island accessible only to initiates.

Sunset Ashram

The Sunset Ashram is located on the peak between the golden sandy beaches of Cala Conte on the west coast of the island. It’s famous for its sunsets and a great place to sip a cocktail and relax. Here, it’s all about connecting with the nature around you, enjoying the moment and feeling the magical moment of the sunset rather than just looking at it. Just as the view is a change from the typical sunset bars in Ibiza, so is the music. The relaxed, unconventional restaurant features a rotating selection of the Balearics’ best DJs, providing the perfect musical soundtrack to the soulful scenes of the sun setting over the Mediterranean. The appeal of Sunset Ashram is enhanced by the Asian fusion cuisine with its delicious creations. The ultimate sunset accessory is, of course, an ice-cold cocktail, and the Sunset Ashram does not disappoint… whatever you desire, you will find it here.



The already outstanding Aguas de Ibiza Grand Luxe has added another jewel to its crown with the opening of Maymanta, an Ibiza fine dining restaurant with a Peruvian twist. Maymanta is located on the hotel’s spectacular panoramic rooftop, overlooking the port of Santa Eulalia and the Mediterranean Sea below. The restaurant offers you the chance to travel to Perú without leaving Ibiza, combining the perfect synergy between the Peruvian and Ibizan coasts. A union achieved by the gastronomic director through a masterful play on Chifa gastronomy, Nikkei and local influences. The vibrant dishes, unique crockery and rooftop terrace make for a stunning sunset experience.

Sa Punta

At the farthest point of Talamanca Bay, with a breathtaking view of the sun setting over the Mediterranean to Dalt Vila, is the chic Ibiza restaurant Sa Punta. The restaurant has been a must on Ibiza’s gastronomic map since its inception and has evolved to also include two additional ‘restaurant within a restaurant’ concept spaces: Patchwork and Ginger. When the sun goes down, Sa Punta’s original terrace transforms into a candlelit paradise. With chic wooden decks and stylish décor that features eye-catching gold and white details, the colours of the sunset enhance the beauty of the terrace. The chic and elegant restaurant is the perfect setting for fine dining at sunset, serving Mediterranean-inspired cuisine and exceptional wines. The cuisine, the service, the music, the décor, the atmosphere and, of course, the exclusive panoramic view of the sea – all this makes Sa Punta a real temple where you can worship the shrine of hedonism.