Gigi St-tropez

Gigi St-tropez

August 26, 2021

Discover Gigi Beach Club: Saint Tropez’s New ‘It’ Venue

After having opened to the public for its first summer season, Gigi has already impressed the St Tropez residents and A-list guests alike, all drawn in by its illusive unveiling. This exclusive new restaurant turned pool bar turned wellness retreat is inspired by northern Italian design, Tuscan cuisine and Mediterranean outdoor living, Gigi is the essence of Italian elegance and flair, built within the illustrious setting of Saint Tropez.

A real place of summer life, the Gigi beach club experience is designed to host its guests for an entire day. Set within an immense plot of white sandy land surrounded by lush Mediterranean gardens, the amenities of Gigi include: an outdoor wellness area, a Bellini Bar with swimming pool and private tents for rent, several areas for lounging equipped with boho chic hammocks, table tennis and pétanque courts, a private path leading directly to the beach, an Italian restaurant and the kid-focused Gigi Circus!

Its slogan ‘Alla Grande’ – meaning brilliant – is a simplistic description of the many reasons to check it out this summer.