A Guide to Mykonos – World of Wanderlust

A Guide to Mykonos – World of Wanderlust

July 22, 2022

Located in the centre of the Cyclades archipelago, Mykonos is one of the most famous Greek islands for its cosmopolitan atmosphere and lively nightlife! The windswept isle possesses a mysterious magnetism and singular charm that is hard to resist. Imagine having the glamour of St. Tropez and the party atmosphere of Ibiza all rolled into one! But put that aside and you’ll find idyllic beaches, romantic whitewashed houses overlooking the sparkling waters and warm Greek hospitality that you will not find anywhere else. We have put together our favourite places to grab a drink while you are there!



On the sun-drenched southern tip of the island of Mykonos, a weathered house has been transformed into a modern agora. Scorpios is the crown jewel of Mykonos, a beach paradise where glamorous people gather to eat, dance and enjoy the clear Aegean Sea. Paying homage to the ancient Greek agora, the place of assembly, Scorpios is a unique beach club on the southern tip of the island. Part ceremonial, part spiritual celebration, Scorpios brings the mystical charge of nighttime rituals into the day and slows it down a notch or two. To enjoy all that Skorpios has to offer, book a sun lounger for lunchtime and stay until after sunset to dance the night away. The food and drinks are excellent, with whole, deboned, fresh fish, wood-fired vegetables and delicious cocktails – you won’t want to leave.


As if the Greek islands weren’t beautiful enough, along comes Alemagou and turns our idea of Mykonos upside down! This chic yet relaxed beachfront restaurant is the island’s best kept secret, especially if you want to enjoy a drink under the warm Greek sun from morning till night. Grab your swimming costume, sunscreen and friends and spend the day in this intimate boho oasis. Alemagou is an all-day beach bar and restaurant with a bohemian ambience you wouldn’t expect to find in Mykonos. The atmosphere at Alemagou is relaxed yet eclectic, totally laid-back yet elegant, secluded yet cosmopolitan, raw yet refined. Finally, a place where difference isn’t just a matter of language. In an ancient dialect of Mykonos, Alamagou actually means Finally!


After a sun-drenched day in cosmopolitan Mykonos, a delicious meal of Mediterranean cuisine in the elegant ambience of Principote is a rewarding and well-deserved treat: elegant, surprising and oh! so satisfying. Principote Restaurant has artisan chefs, master sommeliers and talented pastry chefs to create tailor-made experiences of fine dining and extravagant leisure for you. Situated on Panormos beach, nestled on a stunning seafront, sheltered from the wind and in a delightfully relaxed atmosphere, unpretentious and elegant, Principote offers guests the perfect ambience for a unique seaside dining experience. The powdery sand paired with the Greek view evokes an incomparable Zen feeling. It is a place where luxury rises to a whole new dimension, amidst comfortable elegance and discreet service. It is a place where one can escape from everyday opulence and feel uniquely appreciated, relaxed in supreme leisure among tactile and intangible treasures.


Soft, golden sand, luxurious loungers modelled on life aboard a yacht, and the minimal glam of Mykonos; a beach where you can relax like nowhere else. The sun seems to shine brighter here and beach life is full of flavour, partying, cocktails and exquisite services. Life on Psarou beach and in Nammos is definitely an unforgettable experience. The main concept behind the Nammos beach bar was to recreate the atmosphere of life aboard a luxury yacht on the beach, a chic and stylish way to enjoy a relaxing day under the sun, accompanied by the sparkle of champagne and the exotic nonchalance that only the extravagant shisha pipes can offer. Soak up the sun on the enviable beach or dance the day away on the sturdy tables.


Greece, Mykonos, Panormos Bay , Ftelia Beach. This is the path to follow to get to the elegant and authentic little corner of paradise imagined by Fabrizio Casiraghi. All dressed in white and seeming to extract itself from the rock.Nestled in its little wild and preserved corner, the bar and restaurant offers a panoramic view of an expanse clear water.



In the traditional heart of Mykonos town, Nōema is a hybrid space designed to inspire a strong sense of community and place. With a contemporary Greek restaurant, an open-air bar, a concept store, and an eclectic line-up of live music, Nōema embodies the easy-going joie de vivre of the Greek islands. An oasis of understated sophistication and Zen ambience inspired by Cycladic minimalism and vernacular craftsmanship. A celebration of simplicity, generosity, and spontaneity where nature rules, time stands still, and being together is what really matters. Hence Nōema’s name, which in Greek signifies ‘meaning’ or ‘substance’, everything here makes perfect sense.


Along the narrow corridors inside Mykonos, a secret passage leads to Interni Restaurant & Bar. Best at night, the space comes alive with its cinematic lighting that highlights the ancient pines, white wooden awning and architectural succulents that seem to grow out of the roofline. If you are a lover of aesthetics, the interior design of this place will surely impress you.The airy and fresh decoration, luxurious details and colourful flowers create an ideal environment for magical, unforgettable evenings. The menu features Mediterranean dishes mixed with flavours from around the world, and the combination is spectacular.


Entering through a clandestine door in Mykonos town opening on to a spectacular garden, Lío Mykonos is the scene set for an unforgettable night of high-octane glamour. Relive the numbers that have made Lio’s history through Simply The Best, an engaging sensual modern interpretation of a cabaret show in which not only the singers, dancers, acrobats and international artists delight the cosmopolitan clientele but the wait staff also perform vignettes, creating a new form of interaction that ensures a captivating atmosphere where ultimately everyone gets up to dance.Offering an immersive gourmet experience, prepare to be astonished by innovative Mediterranean cuisine that evokes the spirit of Lío, with the purpose that each meal is a piece of art to evoke emotion and extra personalized luxury to choose from.


COYA invites you into a world inspired by the flavours and colours of Inca heritage and Latin American culture. Already operating top restaurants in Paris, London, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, COYA has decided to bring the spirit of Peru to Mykonos. Inspired by the original Peruvian cuisine, the menu features natural light, healthy and colourful dishes freshly prepared with the best ingredients from local suppliers. Located in the heart of the cosmopolitan old town of Matogiannia, the restaurant is luxurious and modern in design, with an outdoor dining area. With influences from Spanish, Japanese and Chinese cuisine, COYA has created a completely unique experience and will be one of the hottest spots in the city for the 2022 season.


On 1st July 2022, Zuma will debut a first-of-its-kind lifestyle concept in Mykonos. Celebrating its 20th Anniversary year, this creative, multi-purpose destination is a new concept within the portfolio featuring a restaurant, lounge and bar, sleek infinity pool, day beds, resident DJ and exclusive pop-up shop. Situated in the 5-star hotel Cavo Tagoo, Zuma Mykonos offers an authentic Japanese izakaya-style of eating and drinking. This unique pop-up restaurant promises al fresco dining, breathtaking sea views and sunsets to chilled house beats among classic Mykonian whitewashed villas climbing the cliffs and the Aegean Sea.


If you haven’t yet found your way to the best sushi on Mykonos, follow the playful sign “Finding Nobu” and you’ll end up exactly where you need to be: at the only open-air Nobu restaurant in the world with an outdoors sushi bar.  A pleasant, minimalist and modern design is created to enhance the experience of the carefully crafted menu. Nobu introduces a new, unexpected way of tasting, called “New Style Japanese Cuisine”, combining Japanese ingredients with Peruvian influences, and the result is truly fantastic. Some of the signature dishes such as tiradito, new style sashimi and black cod with miso are available in a carefully decorated Mykonos eatery. Daily specials of fresh, delicious Aegean seafood and cocktails by expert mixologists in a unique poolside setting. It is a journey for your taste buds, eyes and ears. Nobu Restaurant isn’t to be missed in one of the most cosmopolitan places in the world, Mykonos Island! This is not a place that you visit once, this is a restaurant that you come back to, again and again, to enjoy a different experience every time. 


Toy room

In the heart of idyllic Little Venice, the most photogenic spot in cosmopolitan Mykonos, lies the famous Toy Room Club, frequented by celebrities and socialites alike, which has literally become the talk of the town. Designer furniture and bespoke artwork, along with the groundbreaking sound and lighting, create a cosy and luxurious atmosphere, perfect for a refreshing cocktail or a classy drink from the Toy Room’s expert mixologists. Experience a luxurious, unique entertainment experience that only the Toy Room can provide.Whether dancing on the dance floor or on the tables, guests will feel part of a special event as they party the nights away. Be ready for days and nights of glamour, decadence and fun, in a true Mykonos style.


One of Mykonos’ hidden gems – Located on the island’s ancient harbour in the exclusive square of Agia Moni, Moni embodies the Mykonian identity and thus reflects the richness of its history along with its unique modern cosmopolitan culture. It offers a unique combination of local charm and international clubbing, with a hospitality that welcomes people from all over the world. The club’s décor is simple and almost cosy, but that suits the philosophy of the venue – its motto is “more than family”. Celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Ariana Grande and other A-list celebrities visit the Moni Club during the high season. If you want to party with the elite of the elite and the kind of people who are at the top of their game while staying true to the cultural identity of Mykonos, this is the place for you. Moni Club offers a peaceful, safe but incredibly fun environment and captures the hearts of people who dance into the new day until the sun rises, or as they would say, “Whenever it happens”.


A sister club to the Bonbonniere Club in London, the Bonbonniere Mykonos is a venue known and loved by many international celebrities. Opened in June 2015 as a summer pop-up, Bonbonniere Mykonos has quickly become a popular nightlife destination for the island’s international jet set looking for an unforgettable party experience. Centrally located on the island in the Tria Pigadia, in the ODE Mykonos nightclub space, Bonbonniere Mykonos has already attracted star DJs, high-profile celebrities and A-listers of the city. The venue is known for its exclusive, high-end parties that combine an international flair and a local touch and offers the most expensive champagne show on the island, known as “The Bonbonniere” – where the champagne bottles are delivered to the table in a giant Fabergé egg!


Situated in the heart of Mykonos town, Void is a unique indoor nightclub tailored to the island’s international jet set. Blending both past and future aesthetics, the design stays faithful to its Mykonian minimal roots. A 3 level venue that brings a new standard to Mykonos’ nightlife. Level one houses 2 expansive bars with plenty of space to dance and socialize. Extending further is the dance floor providing the perfect space to enjoy “the void” lighting installation, and the immersive sound provided by the DJ perched directly above. Overlooking the bars and dance floor, with the best views in the house, level two hosts unique and bespoke tables. A place that promises to stimulate all your senses, that’ s Void!


180° Sunset Bar 

180º Sunset Bar-Mykonos, is exactly what the name suggests! Located above the labyrinth of paths, in the heart of the Aegean Pelagos, unfolding the wind flow between the colours, sensations and celebration of the Cycladic sunset. The wind, the waves and the clouds are a reminder of how we are connected to the earth, where roots and stories come together, where different perspectives dominate. With an endless view of the open horizon over Mykonos Town, 180° offers something that was missing from the island’s “puzzle”: a relaxing lounge dedicated exclusively to the sunset. Inspired cocktails and quality drinks coexist with a modern, relaxing space and chill-out music with a result that mesmerises. And all this with the magnificent view of Delos.

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